Cempala was a rocky planet located in the galaxy's Core Worlds and a colony of the Lakian race. Despite a smaller, population, Cempala was a prime exporter of metals and minerals to other worlds along the Drette Route.

In ancient times, before colonists from Latitoon arrived on the world, Cempala was the site of a battle between the Sidin Order and the Legions of Valiik who had built a temple on the planet. After the defeat of the valiik, the world was abandoned until its colonization in 27,290 B.W.

Astrographical Information Edit

The planet was situated in the Core Worlds in Gauneb sector, close to the border of the Capitol sector. Cempala orbited around its star, Jela, once every 288 days and around its axis once every 27 hours. In its orbit was the moon of Revel, a corporately-owned site of operations for mining companies. Cempala was located on the Drette Route, a trade route that ran from Elsor in the Core Worlds to planets in the Outer Territories.

Climate and Terrain Edit

Because of its close proximity to its star, Cempala was generally hot in temperature year round. The heat made conditions unbearable for some species such as Humans, who were recommended to wear cooled suits. Under the right conditions, storms could form over the ocean and were comprised of flash lightning and waterspouts. If caught in these storms, ships would be susceptible to electrical overload resulting in destruction.

Cempala's surface was 87% water, with the landmass divided into large islands. The terrain on these islands were generally flat and rocky with large protruding mesas and plateaus. These rock formations were large in size, spanning up to one kilometer high and 1.5 kilometers wide, and were widest at the top. As a result of the desolate terrain, flora was uncommon and limited to multi-colored spiky grasses and mushrooms near the coasts.

There were five main islands on Cempala. Most of the world's inhabitants including its major settlements were based on the island of Thunara, located in the western hemisphere. Even though Cempala was operated as a colony of Latitoon, the mining companies CorTek and C.M.C. owned most of its land.

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